Vagabundenkongress3: Mobility & Parasites

Vagabundenkongress, Killesberg, Stuttgart, 1929

Vagabundenkongress, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, 2014

June 7th, 2014, the Vagabundenkongress was open. During three weeks the programm included lectures, workshops, walks, music, screenings, interventions in public space, meetings, the creation of a newspaper and more. The participants were:

Tanja Krone - Gregoria Gog / Wanja Saatkamp / Azul Blaseotto + Eduardo Molinari / 
Syabonga Mthembu / Justin Time / Ivonne P. Doderer / Klaus Trappmann / 
Taisya Krugovykh + Vasily Bogatov / Andreas Liebmann / Artur van Balen / Aya Tarek / 
Karl Philips / Anna Lipphardt / Tobías Yves Zintel / María Tengarrinha /  Akseli Virtanen / 
Alina Popa + Florin Flueras / Maurizio Lazzarato / John Jordan / Axel Demirovic / Raul Zelik / 
As we are / Ebene 0 / Flanerie. Labor für Gedanke&Gänge / InselGrün / Follow the White Rabbit / Occupy Villa Berg / STAdTISTEN.

On that day Anna Lipphardt, talking about contemporary art scene, introduced the concept of "mobility". The paradox was that she pointed that this motion is more a requirment demanded by art market and academic world than a chance of more freedom for the artists. It seemed that for Anna, the vagabond´s subjectivity began to give signals of its uselessness for the targets of the congress. I talked about the need of new maps engaged with a kind of movement, a way of walk that look for emancipation but also for social justice and inclusion.

Anna Lipphardt, Syabonga Mthembu and Tanja Krone

Taisya Krugovykh, María Tengarrinha, Azul Blaseotto

Later, Akseli Virtanen, from Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative, an initiative that was defined as a "parasite", sayd they are a "counter investment cooperative of the precariat". "Cynism, depression and detachment from others" became means for their survival. He presented himself as a banker, the main objetive was to ask for our money, as investors, for making more money. Then will be possible that "we" support the projects that aim to change the world.

Akseli Virtanen / Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative

Coming from Argentina and after neoliberal hegemony during the 90`s, La Dársena and Archivo Caminante don´t believes in parasites, bankers and investors. Only one week after that lecture, the news about the legal sentence of the U.S. Supreme Court  in favor of the hedge funds (NML Capital Ltd. and Aurelius Capital Management) and against Argentina became a special topic of our participation in the Vagabundkongress.

Photos: DocAC/2014, Historical Congress by Tanja Krone.

Eduardo Molinari / Archivo Caminante

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