Vagabundkongress 7: visions of whom? visions for whom?

Thank you very much for your visions Dear Otto Dix!

June 8th, 2014.

Ivonne tooks us to the park close to the Central Station of Stuttgart. We stayed on a bridge, from where we could see a rizoma of blue tubes, coming from the building of the train station, going go who knows...  Her words were clear, the blue plastic pipelines will go for the same underground that the mineral water. Stuttgart 21 is the name of an initiative of the government, is an urban and transport transformation. In spite of masive protests (2010-2011) against this initiative, after police repression, the work was approved by a referendum, and now is in execution. We can see Tanja Krone, Azul Blaseotto and friends hearing that narration. Will continue on the top of the new station´s tower Mercedes Benz logo?

We decided to have a travel into the black hole of money. Time & space on this dinamic are fluid,
so fluid. It seems that they don´t exist anymore. For capitalism time & space are only resources, instruments. The hegemonical transgenic culture erases history even of molecular life. 

Two weeks after, we went to Mercedes Benz Museum.

Juan Manuel Fangio of stone, an sculputre of this Formula 1 popular argentine driver, said "welcome" to us in the entrance of the museum. I don´t like particulary cars. I don´t drive. I like to know about the lives of the inventors. I like to inhabit the narrative of cars industry machine. The vagabond's motion must be investigated more. 

Why the same people that don´t want to talk about past like to have a monument?
Why the same people that don´t like to debate contemporary history like to have a huge museum?
Why the building - as the company says in the little handbook that gave to the visitors - is based in the structure of the trefoil organization?

For Archivo Caminante / Walking Archives is very important that the first sentence in the museum talks about "transitory phenomens". What is a "transitory phenomenon" for a vagabond? The disciplinaire powers like to play with time, to decide about what and when something must die. As magicians, they like to put the social processes of emancipation under the state of levitation.

Visions of whom? Visions for whom?
In Argentina and South America, the transnational agribussiness companies draw a new map: The Soy Republic. In this new republic transgenic seeds (then earth, water, biodiversity) are the tool
to sell all over the world "biodiesel", not food.

Visions of whom? Visions for whom? 
Received accomodation or were interned?
Daimler-Benz during the 40`s requisitioned forced labors. 
Gregor Gog and the Vagabundkongress in 1929, talk about "a house for all". 
ICH BIN NICHT EIN KUNDER, our piece for the Vagabundkongress in Theater Rampe,
likes to ask: what is to work in the current finnancial, extractivist, semiotic capitalism?

June 9th, 2014.

Is our second night in Stuttgart. We went to the Herbergerssaloon for the first presentation of one of the participants. Tanja Krone will present Justin Time. We tought: cool name! He talked about his walks as a "wandernde lehrlinge". Also about an experience in the United States, making a film. 
I liked very much how he defines the qualities of time, space and the relations with the people. 
Thank you for your visions Dear Justin Time!

Photos: DocAC/2014.

Eduardo Molinari / Archivo Caminante

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