Vagabundenkongress1: La Dársena + THTR RMPE

Since June 7th. until June 28th. Azul Blaseotto + Eduardo Molinari (La Dársena Platform) are part of the Vagabundenkongress in Stuttgart, Germany.

In the context of a post-industrial, finnancial, extractivist and semiotic capitalism we will install in the Theater Rampe, but also in the streets of the city, a mobile dock for political imagination, thinkings and artistic praxis.

In 1929, in Stuttgart, the writter and activist Gregor Gog organized in Killesberg Park the Congress of Vagabunds. In the period between World Wars 1 and 2, close to Wall Street`s crisis of 1930 and the arrival of the Nazis in Germany, Gregor Gog and the Vagabunds claim for a "Long life General Strike" and a "Home for All". What contemporary resonances have these ideas?

This is our first reflection: Ich bin nicht ein Kunde, sondern Ich bin ein Kunde / I´m not a client, but I´m a Vagabond / No soy un cliente, soy un Vababundo.

But what is a Vagabund today? What is to "do nothing"?
What kind of motion is connected with this idea of vagrancy?
Could these ideas become tools for our contemporary fight against neoliberal hegemony?

Invited by Tanja Krone and Wanja Saatkamp, we will develope a collective process with artists of different countries, including actions, performances, walks, screenings, lectures, discussions.

Here, some images of the opening day, on June 7th. More soon...

Herberge für Alle! One home for all! Una vivienda para todos!

The space where Theater Rampe is also has another function: is the garage and place of reparations for the wagons of the tranway.

Martina GrohmannMarie Bues from Theater Rampe, present the Vagabundkongress.

Tanja Krone's first speech and opening the Vagabundkongress for the audience: "What are we talking about when we talk about capitalism? Could the subjectivity of a vagabond become a tool against capitalism?" she announced...

Flyer "Ich bin nicht ein Kunde" by Azul Blaseotto + Eduardo Molinari
Photos: DocAC/2014.

+ info: http://theaterrampe.de/ 

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